How to deal with OCD - Dr Elizabeth Forrester
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BA (Hons),
MSc, PsychD,
Cert Cog Ther (Oxon),

Dr Elizabeth Forrester - Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Online therapy means you can access expert treatment no matter where you are.

You can also find out more about me and how I work in my book, How to Deal with OCD. Available from and other major booksellers. While it isn’t an alternative to individual therapy, it’s full of useful information and practical advice on getting started making some helpful changes.

What readers say:

“If you have OCD, this book is a great place to start”
“If you only read one book on OCD, make it this one”
“Great read. She’s funny, a great writer and top CBT therapist”
“As a therapist, I found her approach very practical with creative ideas on making treatment effective”

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